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Dermatos Hands

Dermatos prosthetic hands and partial hands are usually attached by suction and/or form fitting.   Like all Dermatos prosthetic devices, hands are custom made to each individual to ensure proper engineering and accuracy.

Custom designed passive-adjustable armatures are placed into the fingers of the prosthetic devices. These armatures enable the fingers to be bent into different positions. This is an important feature for those who wish to enable passive grasp or even active grasp when there is a partial or total digit remaining.

Inside Dermatos prosthetic hands, semi-soft silicone is conformed around the remaining portion of the hand, filling the missing area. This formed silicone acts as a “three-dimensional puzzle piece” which cradles the residual hand allowing vibration transfer from the prosthetic fingers. This vibration transfer allows wearers to feel like the prosthesis is an extension of themselves- rather than a foreign attachment. This feeling is called proprioception.